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Lazer Tag Arena - Laser Tag

Lazer Tag Arena, playing field and props. Laser Tag Arena
Manufacturer: Arcades4Home
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Lazer Tag Arena, 4,000-6,000 square foot playfield arena only.

Modular design, can be installed in multiple configurations.  

Easy to Install using 2x4's and screws as wall anchors.   

  • Buyer must pickup. 
  • Already disassembled.
  • This will take Multiple large box trucks to move or 1 semi-trailer.
  • Can be palletized for additional fee.   Will be about 20 pallets. 
  • Black Light Reactive!
Wall Panels4ft x 7ftWall Panel


60 panels total (assorted shapes)

(or more)

Wall Panels4ft x 7ftNotched Wall Panel

*see above

Wall Panels4ft x 7ftWall Panel with View Hole

*see above

Wall Panels2ft x 7ftHalf Size Wall Panel

*see above

Barrier Props24" x 48"Box Cubes - Painted/Finished Wood


3 or more

(may have addl smaller sizes too)

Barrier Props32" x 32"Box Cubes - Painted/Finished Wood


2 or more

Barrier Props66" x 32"Bolt/Coil Totem Barriers - Painted/Finished Wood


2 or more

Barrier Props74" x 32"Transistor Totem Barriers - Painted/Finished Wood


2 or more


A brand new setup like this would cost you over $100,000.   Call any Lazer Tag Arena manufacturer and confirm.

Great way to start your own business or expand an existing one for pennies on the dollar.


*All measurements are approximate

*Some quantities are listed as approximate and (or more) because we have items stored in in 3 different warehouses.  We listed the minimum number of pieces that we can confirm (put our hands on) - at this point.  

*The upstairs deck/mezzanine in photos is NOT included

*3D wall art, claw props, black lights, and other props not listed above are NOT part of the lot.

*Please be aware that we had enough to pieces for 2 arenas.  1 arena has already been sold. This listing is for the remaining items.


Laser Tag Arena - Lazer Tag Arena