Arcade Challenge Sponsor

Sponsor one of our Arcade Challenges! High Score Challenge, Beat The Game Challenge, Celebrity Challenge.

Arcade Challenge Sponsor

Sponsor one of our popular Arcade Challenges

  • High Score Challenge.  
    • Best for Classic Games like Galaga, Ms PacMan, etc. and Pinball Games
    • Single Day or Multi-Day Option
  • Beat the Game Challenge.   
    • Best for Challenging Arcade Games like Super Mario Bros Arcade Edition
    • Single Day or Multi-Day Option
  • Celebrity Challenge
    • Best for Fighter Games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, etc
    • Offer Attendees the option to play against their favorite Celebrities / Personalities from your Company
    • Best for Scheduled Time(s)

Perfect for Tradeshows, Cons, Expos, and Corporate Events.

Basic Features

The following are the most common features available.  Of course, availability is based on venue and event constraints

  • Arcade Challenge Sponsor/Co-Branding (with powered by Arcades4Home)
    • Social Media Promotion
    • Logo Promotion
  • Sponsor Provides Prizes, Participant Swag, other Promotional Material, etc
  • Brochure and/or Biz Card Distribution.  On/near the Arcade Game.
  • In-Arcade Promotion of your Arcade Challenge
    • Audio Promotion (Live and/or Recorded Advertising Message(s) mixed with Music)
    • Video Promotion (Recorded Advertising Videos displayed at Intervals on A/V system)


  • Multiple Challenge Sponsorships
  • Multiple Day Challenges
  • Extended Hours - VIP Events.   Useful for Exclusive VIP Client, Celebrity, and Employee gatherings.
  • Extra/Exclusive Multimedia Equipment / Setup
    • Flatscreen TV's / Stands 
    • Projector(s)
    • PC/Tablet Kiosks
    • Tablets
    • Console Game Systems
    • Media Players
  • Streaming / Recording Support.  


Availability is based on venue and/or event constraints

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