Arcade Game Sponsor

Sponsor a specific game in our FreePlay Arcade at one of our next events.

Arcade Game Sponsor

  • Attract more traffic to your booth / website!
  • Increase Brand / Company Awareness!

Perfect for Tradeshows, Cons, Expos, and Corporate Events.

Basic Features

The following are the most common features available.  Of course, availability is based on venue and event constraints.

  • Classic Retro Games and Popular Fighter Games available.
  • The Game will be part of On Tour FreePlay Arcade.  
    • Potential exposure to thousands of attendess each day.
  • Monitor Over Top: Digital Marquee.  
    • Show Graphics about your Game or Company.
    • Promote Social Media
    • Wide 16:9 and UltraWide 21:9 available.
    • Display Free Download Codes
    • Promote Your Own Events at the Conference
    • Promote Links via QR Codes
  • Brochure and/or Biz Card Distribution (Attached to Game)



  • Tournaments (Prizes, Promotions, etc)
  • Extended Hours - VIP Events.   Useful for Exclusive VIP Client, Celebrity, and Employee gatherings.
  • OffSite OPTION:  Show/Display the Game in your own Exhibitor's Booth or Lounge.  
  • Purchase OPTION:  Option to KEEP the Arcade Build after the event.    
    • Keep for future Corporate Events
    • Perfect Gift for VIP Customers and Suppliers
    • Great as Raffle, Sweepstakes, and Tournament Prizes
  • Extra/Exclusive Multimedia Equipment / Setup
    • Flatscreen TV's / Stands 
    • Projector(s)
    • PC Kiosks
    • Tablet Kiosks
    • Tablets
    • Console Game Systems
    • Media Players
  • Streaming / Recording Support.  


Availability is based on venue and/or event constraints

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