Tournament Sponsor

Promote your booth by sponsoring a Tournament!

Tournament Sponsor

Sponsor one of our popular tournaments.  

  • Single Elimination Tournament
    • Best for Fighter Games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, etc
    • Limited number of these tournaments are available at each event.
    • Most Popular

Perfect for Tradeshows, Cons, Expos, and Corporate Events.

Basic Features

The following are the most common features available.  Of course, availability is based on venue and event constraints

  • Tournament Sponsor/Co-Branding (with powered by Arcades4Home)
    • Social Media Promotion
    • Logo Promotion
  • We will help with the Tourney Signup and Bracket(s)
  • Sponsor can provde Announcer(s) for the event.
  • Sponsor Can Provide Prizes, Participant Swag, other Promotional material, etc
  • Brochure and/or Biz Card Distribution
  • In-Arcade Promotion of Tournament
    • Audio Promotion (Live and/or Recorded Advertising Message(s) mixed with Music)
    • Video Promotion (Recorded Advertising Videos displayed at Intervals on A/V system)


  • OPTION:  Generate Leads: We can require competitors to join your mailing list or social media network
  • Multiple Tournament Sponsorships
  • OPTION: Double Elimination and Other Formats; when available.
  • Extended Hours - VIP Events.   Useful for Exclusive VIP Client, Celebrity, and Employee gatherings.
  • Extra/Exclusive Multimedia Equipment / Setup
    • Flatscreen TV's / Stands 
    • Projector(s)
    • PC Kiosks
    • Tablets
    • Console Game Systems
    • Media Players
  • Streaming / Recording Support.  


Availability is based on venue and/or event constraints

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